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💜 “Rootz Rulez” 💜
(created by Rootz Camp founders, posted at camp)

  1. NO Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons

  2. Smudge and Pray Daily

  3. Respect Others and Be Kind

  4. Protect Elders, Women and Children

  5. Clean Up ALL Trash and Recycle

  6. Drink Herbal Teas - Boost Immunity

  7. NO Violence/Cussing/Hate Speech

  8. Contribute in a Meaningful Way

  9. SHARE - Take Only What You Need

  10. Be Safe - Don’t Put Others in Danger

  11. NO Infiltraitorz/Haterz/TC, KXL Workerz

  12. One Heart One Prayer Mni Wiconi Water is Life 

Life at Camp: Welcome

Camp Roles

There were a variety of ways to participate in camp. PLEASE NOTE that camp is no longer active - this page is to archive the vibrant life at camp.

The most important thing to do at camp is to commit to humility. Please follow the direction of the camp leaders - listen, and ask questions. There is power in numbers, and the camp needs people. But in addition to your presence, there are a variety of different roles to play at camp.

Getting Supplies

If you have a vehicle and the gas money, and don’t mind driving on dirt roads, you might be asked to do a run to get supplies from nearby towns. This can include going to grocery stores, hardware stores, auto stores, and other establishments. Until the camp raises more money, personal fundraising efforts are necessary and appreciated!

Capacity Building

Physical and manual labor are always necessary at camp. If you are able to provide this skill, you may be asked to help build structures, repair machinery, cut and/or gather firewood, etc. There may also be cleaning and organizing projects such as the kitchen area and organizing and inventory of supplies.

Political Action

The camp is a resistance camp, and members engage in peaceful protest and non-violent direct action. If you are asked to participate in an action, the most important thing to do is follow the direction of the leaders of that action.


Banners and signs are beautiful and needed! 


Video and photo documentation is helpful! We need to document ongoing pipeline construction. Documentation can also be helpful during actions. Again, please follow the direction of camp leaders and do not post videos or photos publicly unless approved.

Life at Camp: Text
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