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Learn more about Oscar High Elk's legal challenges:

False felony charges were levied against Oscar High Elk, and he faced 23 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.

In April 2022, Oscar High Elk decided to take a plea deal - and pleaded no contest to three charges including Simple Assault, Eluding Law Enforcement and Trespassing. Ten (10) other charges were dismissed, including Aggravated Assault (Class 4 Felony). The state dismissed ten counts. Oscar High Elk was facing 13 counts against him with a 22-year prison sentence. Oscar will face one-year probation. You can read more, here.

Message from Oscar before the case was resolved: Next court date is April 13th, 2022 in Phillip South Dakota. It'll be (Lila Wast'e Yelo) nice to have support from the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Oyate.  They want to make an example out of me, but we must continue to remind them, our law supersedes their law.   We must keep exposing the hate crimes against humanity and their horrifying disrespect towards Indigenous nations. Please let people know I need support on this date and I will be able to continue to help others be heard as well.  A voice from the voiceless needs help with amplifying our sovereignty.  Rezpect to you all, much love

Talking points when the case was active:

  • The charges are inflated and filled with outright lies.

  • Oscar High Elk is a land and water protector, and was peacefully standing up for treaty sovereignty rights, he is not a criminal.

  • Oscar and other water protectors have been consistently, needlessly, and aggressively harassed by Sheriff Gary Cudmore and Sheriff Fred Koester, who have now taken baseless and vindictive action against him.

Much documentation is available at the 2KC Media page.

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